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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I hire a bartender for my event without having to use any of your other services?

Yes, certainly you can. We will be delighted to provide one or more of our experienced cocktail bartenders on an hourly basis. Prices start at £300 per bartender for 2 hours hire, inclusive of 1-hour setting up time before serving and all the necessary cocktail making equipment. We will also assist you to choose the most appropriate cocktails for your occasion and provide you with a shopping list to enable you to buy the ingredients. Please visit our Mixologists Hire page for more details.

Can I provide my own drinks?

Yes, of course, and to help you, we can provide you with a comprehensive shopping list of all the ingredients you need to buy to prepare your selected cocktails based on the number of guests and the length of time cocktails will be served.

Can ProCocktails provide all of the drinks?

Absolutely! All we ask is for you to choose the cocktails that you would like us to provide, the time you would like us to arrive, and we will take care of everything. Once we are familiar with your plans, we will be delighted to provide you with an all-inclusive package tailored specifically to your requirement. Please visit our All-Inclusive Cocktail Bar page or click here to view our complete brochure.

What is your recommended number of cocktail choices for a standard party?

Usually, we suggest 4 or 5. If you choose more than this, you will find that most of your guests will go for specific beverages leaving others untouched. As you will be providing a variety of spirits, liqueurs, purees, syrups and other mixers, this can lead to a great deal of expensive waste. Please visit our Cocktail List page for an extensive range of cocktail choices.

Are you able to create a customised cocktail that matches the theme of my event?

A very good question that we are often asked. But, yes, we will be delighted to create a cocktail specifically for your event and name it accordingly. For example; if your event is in celebration of somebody’s birthday, where a cocktail of the guest’s name doesn’t already exist, we will be happy to ‘invent’ a cocktail and name it in their honour.

In real terms, how much can I expect to pay to hold a cocktail party?

Everybody’s requirements are different, but, as an example, if you base this on a 4-hour party for 40 people, you should expect to be charged approximately £350 plus travel. ProCocktails provides a professional Mixologist (Bartender), all of the cocktail making equipment and manages the bar – but you are required to provide a suitable bar or work surface and supply the spirits, liqueurs, purees, syrups and other mixers, ice and glassware.

My event is not being held in Milton Keynes … so are you prepared to travel?

Yes, of course. Although we are based in Milton Keynes, many of the events we cover are elsewhere, in other parts of the country. We do, however, make a reasonable charge to travel to events that are outside of Milton Keynes. These charges are based on time and the cost of fuel etc. A friendly member of our team will be happy to discuss these charges and and quote you a price by calling 01908 410 747.

Do you make a charge extra for setting up?

No, we don’t. This is always included in the cost.

Do you have insurance?

We certainly do. It is a legal requirement for us to have full liability insurance cover up to £10 million.

Do I need to provide my own cocktail shakers?

No, when you book a ProCocktails service this always will include all professional cocktail making equipment. This includes an extensive list of items: bar mats, Boston shakers, strainers, ice containers, ice scoops, bottle pourers, muddlers, bar spoons, fruit zester, citrus squeezers, juice bottles, chopping boards, fruit baskets, knives, napkins & straws holders and more.

How long has ProCocktails been established?

ProCocktails has been established in Milton Keynes since 2009, but we also cover events throughout the length and breadth of the country.

What happens if the bartender I have hired falls ill or becomes unavailable on the night?

This is an excellent question, although it should not cause you and concern because as an integral part of the ProCocktails service, we have experienced bartenders within our team that are on call to step in at a moment’s notice.

Should I require my bartender to extend his time at my event, is this possible?

Once a booking has been finalised, but you wish to prolong your booking, it is left to the discretion of the bartender to determine whether they are able to extend their time at your event. Naturally, as bartenders are hired and paid by the hour, if your bartender agrees to increase the time at your event, you will be invoiced for the additional hours. Our bartenders carry an events sheet that you will need to complete and sign if an agreement to stay longer is accepted.

Why should I select ProCocktails over other companies?

ProCocktails is passionate and daring about cocktails and how they are created and presented. We take immense pride in offering a high end, professional service that will bring some of the most experienced and imaginative Mixologists from across the UK to your event. Our bartenders are hand-selected and bring with them an intimate knowledge of beverages and the science of mixing cocktails. We use only premium ingredients, and our focus is on our ability to create the ultimate cocktail experience at a reasonable cost.

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