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Premium Bottled Cocktails


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ProCocktails bottled cocktails are a pre-batched solution with a difference. Designed for those who want to serve exotic, professionally mixed cocktails at speed with consistency and style, but without the high costs, risk or commitment associated with a hired-in bar team.

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Quality Matters

Each bottle is lovingly blended using hand-selected ingredients, pressed fruits, premium spirits and liqueurs. These are all combined/mixed with the exact balance and bottled for your perfect cocktail experience.

Cocktail Gifts

Made-to-order cocktail gift sets crafted only from the freshest ingredients. Our fresh cocktails are only mixed once your order is received. These are supplied in high-quality glass bottles and dispatched by next day delivery to arrive in time for the special occasion. An adequate supply of appropriate beverage garnishes are included with every order.

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By having perfectly mixed bottled cocktails readily on hand, cuts down on the need to hire a skilled bartender and dispense the time-consuming DIY approach that involves having to search, purchase and mix all the different ingredients.

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We ordered two large bottles from Pro Cocktails, Porn Star Martini and Cosmopolitan, service is amazing and the cocktails are so so gorgeous. We’ve ordered some more, totally irresistible 🍸🍸

Julia A Day

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